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The purpose of the Church Newsletter “Shiloh This Month” is to engage and inform our members of activities and programs that involve our church and members.  There is a lot of talent in our congregation and we want to know about your awards, accomplishments, school activities, trips, weddings, anniversaries, etc. In “50” words or less, please share your accomplishments.  If you own a business, we would like to know about your services.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to take pride in our ministry and exhibit spiritual excellence in featuring the accomplishments of ALL of our members – children, adults, singles, couples, seniors, and business owners. 


Our goal is to distribute “Shiloh This Month” by the 4th or 5th Sunday of the month.  The deadline for submitting your information will be the 15th of the month.  We intend to reach ALL members of our church and glorify God by featuring the talents, gifts and accomplishments of our church and congregations. 

Who do we serve?

We serve the Pastor and the congregation. 

Where do we meet?

We will meet monthly.  Meeting dates and times will be announced or scheduled within the team.

What are our special needs or services?

We need members to submit their awards and accomplishments by the 15th of each month, in 50 words or less,  use of a conference room for onsite meetings, a computer, printer and email addresses.

What skills or characteristics do we seek in our team?

A commitment to serving Christ.  A person who has good writing skills, a passion for gathering information, good communication skills, and possesses a love for mankind.

Is there a uniform or colors to be worn?


Volume 1, Number 3 - March 2020

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Sis. Shirley Knox-Benton
Newsletter Team Lead

Knox Benton, Shirley

Jacqueline Davis
Newsletter Editor